Sunday, October 25, 2009


It was a hell of week last week that it was!!! I tell you the fame made me gleeful with blatant disregard for the repercussions. From the Daily nations somewhat lukewarm attitude towards gay unions to the standard groups outright homophobic approach to the matter. Although I will cut the standard group some slack, it has been a dry spell what with a dwindling command of the market and downright failure to capture the target group. Don't mistake my sympathy as a condonement to their heinous actions. I mean, how do you hound down an old couple and ostracize them from the community they have lived with practically all their life. That was a low blow.

Most forums have been a buzz with the latest 'NATIONAL TRAGEDY' that is what some nitwit coined it regardless of all the actual tragedies besieging our country. On Friday the Standard's John Kariuki tried to explain the existence of homosexuality in the workplace. In a subtle but somewhat weak-hearted attempt he seemed to be telling people to get with the program and move on but I am taking a stance that we shouldn't move on as per se but we need to talk about this 'UNNATURAL UNAFRICAN AGAINST CHRISTIANITY' and all the other UN-prefixed words they have used to describe this so-called western vice. Ruth Lubembe's article in the Friday NATION was one that i took to since she tried to deal a blow to the gay-bashing media frenzy that had swept the nation's attention from more relevant issues.

Caroline Mutoko almost fell short of getting herself on the wrong side of the fence, though I did appreciate her tactful attempt at slowing down the gay-bashing parade. Meanwhile Bobby Brown accused my biggest icon of being a closeted bi-sexual to which I just had to sneer a little.

Most of the forums on both side of the divide seemed to be divided on what to say on the matter at hand and as I write this the citizen headlines seem to be keen on reviving the issue. Although I will mention that Tamaku was a bit pissed off to put it mildly at all the frenzy going around. I for one did enjoy the fact that it got so much attention. It is time we got ready for the rough road ahead. Our recognition aint gonna come by grace but by sacrifice from all quarters. I think we should be happy to shove the matter into the limelight otherwise we might as well keel over and pretend we are dead. We need to address the elephant in the room and if the only way to do that is to get negative publicity then let's look at it this way negative publicity is publicity all the same, we need to learn how to work it in our favor. Love you all and good week ahead. Mwah!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Last week happened to be my birthday, though I got presents, I got the rude shock of having my phone stolen(on the same day as my birthday!!!!WTF!!!!!!) On to more less/more(whichever one prefers) The Pulse in the Friday Standard newspaper's pathetic attempt at an expose on the gay scene. I honestly did not get the whole point of the piece I found it rather lacking in meaning not even considering that the press is supposed to be neutral!!

The funnier thing is that through a friend of mine we actually know them by name and the funny/shocking/good (again subject to preference) they weren't in the least bit jolted by the photos of them. In my last post, I talked about how I spent the last few weeks around them though I was not the least bit impressed by the article I can't really say the harm or goodwill intended therein was properly conveyed. Though most of us saw it coming and had all the details of the expository article before-hand. Maybe am just insane.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Am i crazy?

Hey y'all. I missed you not that i was away but due to matters (read issues) that have hampered my energy flow or lack there off.

I have been looking for proof of any trace of intelligence in my age group. A friend said sharing sexuality does not equal friendship and i realised that in rather unorthodox way. By the by what happens to java with all their problems, but i digress. As i was blubbering on, i am yet to find a trace of sensibility in my age bracket.

I did indicate i would find myself a social life (fat chance!). I went about this and trust me i am willing to hermitise (am not sure the word exists) myself.

Scenario I: we go to some place where those voltures hang out. After one hour guess what i see? I see a group coming and something is off about them, it takes me a second to figure it out.

They are an eyesore! from the outrageously low cut denims to the dangling earrings to the downright hideous shirts, whoever said gays had a knack for fashion hadnt been to nairobi. Eurgh!

Scenario II: a conversation ensues and the garbage spewing out of their oral cavities is gut wrenching! from meaningless gossip of who screwed whose father to things that traumatise me just thinking about!

I just have a question to which i need a response soon enough before ground bottom nears further. Are there any intelligent gay people below 30 and before you think it, the answer is no, i am not looking for a relationship. Not now with the dumb-asses am seeing around. No-siree-no!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I think the effect of my greek holiday has worn off! I am getting agitated by the smallest things. I think if i had a shrink at present i would be a disappointment.

I know am becoming retrogressive, i thought i was over moping! On friday night we had an outing with my friends and i was loathe not to notice my glaring solitude. They were in pairs but urs truly was flying solo and tusker malt took me through the night though begrudgingly!

I am not going to blame my being gay and use it as an excuse to be a drunkard. I have had the luck of seeing what alcohol can do to people and it aint pretty!!

I am not really moonstruck as many would love to think. My best friend actually left for further studies and it doesnt help my other good friend happens to be a bit busy and am not gonna cry over it, but i think my emotions are getting bottled up to toxic levels! Aaargh! i am thinking of screaming real loud then i remember that my problems aint common place. I am at a point where am angry at everyone. I think am tired of playing charades. My resilience is becoming putrescible to put it mildly. I guess rock bottom is nearing at an alarming velocity.

Friday, August 14, 2009


I must say i missed y'all very much! I came back to the sad news of pater's unexpected exit from blogosphere, i truly will miss him.

I must say that i am changing my best city to athens. The weather was to die for and the men, well, i won't even go there damn!
Oh! how mannerless of me! forgive my manners. We (mum and i) as usual had gone to greece for a two week holiday to get our minds off things. She was a great holiday mate! unbelievably!

I hope i didn't miss much though i was rather disturbed to hear of MJ's preferences from GNM's blog. Whoa!

Gotta go get my beauty sleep (as if!) bye for now.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


The heading of this post is enough and I thought of leaving it at that. I am confused so don't expect this post to make sense. I may have found out my mistake. In my hurriedness to 'realize myself', I was setting myself up for a fall unintentionally or not. Oh! Am addressing the feeling of realising I was the 'other' guy. I was pissed at first and I thought wtf! As I was planning on a course of action that was going to get me retribution I found what I was looking for in a very unlikely place which am not at liberty to discuss.

I actually found a person who shares my interests and as usual has an attitude to boot. Am talking about my new found friend (and no, he isn't imaginary!). We all think we should always have a significant other but I am disagreeing with that notion I think sometimes we just need to slow down and build ourselves before we merge into a relationship that just drains away the little self we have built in us. A significant other is not always the answer yet we succeed in telling ourselves that we do need them. Although am not saying one shouldn't have them but one should do so when they themselves have built up an identity and personality that will be strong enough to survive a relationship whether it succeeds or not otherwise we may be setting ourselves up for a fall that may not only plunder our emotional life but other aspects of our lives that we were not ready to lose. I actually sat myself down and evaluated what had just happened and I realised that in my hurry to be in a relationship I had overlooked myself and I was stringing someone along for a ride they hadn't bargained for and I would have ended up wrecking up more people than myself.

I am of the opinion that some things in life will come and find us wherever we are we just shouldn't put our lives on hold or in some crazy rat race for something we really have no influence over. But in the instance we try to influence these aspects the results are more than not usually catastrophic. A friend is sometimes all we need to keep sane and in control of our life. Do have a lovely day.

Friday, July 3, 2009

heart break

I have been in limbo for quite a while and am not entirely sure am still breathing. I have no idea what am doing at all. As I write this am not sane I have had a harrowing week. I wouldn't really know where to begin narrating so I won't bore you with the horrid details of a heart break am working hard to forget!!!!
It is official that I am not having a love-life anytime in the near future. The betrayal is something I never saw coming but i guess am the better for learning how to smell one a mile off!!
Fuck him!!!!!!
Moving swiftly to more worthwhile things, I thought that Caroline's radio show yesterday was to say the least hilarious to me. I never thought I would wake up to the self proclaimed king of porn on a morning show and more to the fact that our kenyan actors are volunteers and aren't paid. I can't wait for the king's book coming out in two weeks. I can't wait because he claims he will name some of the members of club 222 who are his ever loyal clients!!!! I hope they were listening.

heart break

picture=1000 words

Friday, June 12, 2009


It is damn hot and as usual, anyone working is so sweating!!!

It has been a long time but the temptation is overwhelming! Ok, am talking about our three week old grounds maintenance man.

I repeat it is wrong, watching his ripped muscles glistening in his sweat! OMG! Why did he have to take off his shirt!! Damn it!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

She's back!

OMG! call me backward or whatever you may but i absofuckinlutely loved Brenda. She is back on the scene and now we have people who sing the good old-fashioned way using their voice!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009


I am upset i never saw my knight in shining amour this weekend, damn their boss!

One may regard me to be making a mountaing out of an anthill. Anyway whichever the case, family tv a station i had once respected is going to air a program claiming homosexuality is a mindset. It does not help the guy they are in cohorts with 'claims' that he was gay then he switched back.

He then goes on to suggest that our kind are such lecherous people that we are sinking to new lows of recruiting new gays! Absurd to the least! They just fell short of claiming that there is a 'gay agenda' . I for one don't remember being 'recruited'!

Well I will stop there though i doubt I will watch the programme. For those who are interested in finding out how much propaganda they spew out you can catch the show today at 10pm on family tv.

To family media in my scanty knowledge of the bible i recall 1 John 4:7-21. Has said enough about love, yet i find it unbelievable that this show is going to encourage love amongst your viewers and the queers you are trying to paint as 'Evil'. Am dissapointed and plus the gay agenda is so last century! i would say something indecent are not worth my salt. Take a hike!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


I had it all planned out, I was to wait for a couple of years before committing myself to a relationship. Oh yes the plans were down to time details but little did I know that the best laid plans are for rats!

I usually think myself a person full of self-control (yeah right!) and focus. I had just gotten over moping my recent episode of closure and it was a Friday so I thought to myself: what the heck! am too young to be mopey! I finally tell someone who contacted me from some weird site (whom I had no intention of even conversing with let alone see!) to meet up with me at some joint in town.

As I drink my tusker malt (hurray for being over eighteen) actually four malts later the guy shows up and I think to myself: this should be fast! But boy was I in for a shocker! Ok! I love dreadlocks on someone since i won't ever I mean ever get them so long as am the son of my mum! Meanwhile I was watching him from the entrance,my phone rings and I gesture from the bar and he comes over all the while I keep running the following day's troubles that would besiege me. He sits on the stool next to mine but luckily am not hyperventilating since the alcohol was starting to clog my responses (i consider myself a light drinker).

When the guy started talking all my head kept hearing was the peal of wedding bells, then I thought to myself what the fcuk am I thinking about. All this time I kept on nodding to what he was saying without listening!He was saying something about how he had had a boring day at work. I started the ball rolling and told him about my drab life and my steely resolve to stay single and then I zoned out on him and all I could think was how much time I would take to reach the nearest exit.

After what seemed like eternity I don't really know what changed but I broke into a pathetic blubbering fool. We shifted topics to the kenyan deplorable gay scene and we got to talking of failed relationships in both our pasts. As we talked, a warm sensation stirred within me I never deemed it possible that I would have such mushy feelings.

We left the place at two in the morning and went to his place since our home was too far and I reaked of alcohol. We got to his place and I poured out my sordid life story to this stranger whom I thought must think me mad! He then told me his life story which wasn't so rosy as one would assume.

I don't really know what bit the other but I ended up weeping (I am sensitive like that). When he reached across and held my hand in his soft hands I lost all sense of reason, there was a long lip lock of which I know not who initiated. It was awkward after that but I didn't really care anymore and before your dirty little minds think it no further exploration transpired! We talked a bit more and we slept together cuddled and nothing more.

Morning came then disaster struck!

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Since last saturday after 'the talk' i was gloomy and indoors. I have drank so many varieties of knorr soups i ought to get a free year's supply.

My mum was naturally worried and i told her we had broken up and this earned me mileage in my hidden identity.

She (linda) called me on tuesday and we talked for a bit before slumping back to my droopy self. After she hang-up my mind still tormented me as to why was i being so inconsiderate. The weather wasn't doing me any good since it resonated my mood. As i write this it is still cold and grey outside. I haven't left the house for quite a while now and i am thinking of going out tomorrow night but i shoot down the idea since am still not that clear minded as yet!

I am going to find myself my significant other and i am in no hurry at all. Heck! I have my whole life ahead of me! Plus i am not hiding anymore and i am not accountable to anyone apart from myself. There is peace to loving and accepting myself. What happened last Saturday served to strengthen me maybe in a way not apparent to me as yet. But all the same, no amount of gay-bashing or someone's own homophobia will make me ever resent myself, that is one mistake i won't repeat again. No, never.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Closure: part 2

She sat down opposite me and the pain resonated throughout my whole being. I kept asking myself what and how was i supposed to tell her. She started talking about how her fifteen minute ride to town had been eventful. All the while i was partially listening while thinking up a myriad of falsehoods i could use to hoodwink her.

Even with all the turmoil within me i still regarded her as one i would trust with my life (literally!). I took her hand in mine and gave her the necklace and matching bracelet i had bought her. She was overcome and actualy leaned over and gave me a kiss. This made me think i was mad to do this to someone who had loved me and stayed with me for so long! Just then the harsh reality struck and i knew i had to release her from this jail i held her in.

The waitress took her order i didn't give any since i was in no mood to eat not with what i had in mind at least. I engaged her in small talk as she finished her food and i took the last gulp of my now cold cappuccino. I knew the daunting task ahead of me.

She asked me what was wrong with me since i didn't eat and was looking downcast. I looked straight into her eyes and saw the guilt in mine. In a moment of weakness i almost told her i was gay, but i quickly held back my tongue. I was starting to choke with tears. I was talking but no words were coming out. She was staring at me with an expression of bewilderment. I knew i owed her this. I don't know how but i told her we couldn't work and that i was not seeing another person. My cheek was ready for a slap or my ears for a shouting match. I didn't protect myself because i knew i deserved at least as much!

What she did to me shaked me to the core, she took my hand in hers and with tears in her eyes said she understood we needed time out and that she would wait it out. I couldn't fathom her kindness toward me. By now all the staff and some diners were staring at us probably thinking we were high! if i was a hetero-male i would have been elated but it was wasted on me. As we left the cafe i felt a tad bit lighter but it was mainly because i knew i had a true friend in her which was way more than i could ask for. I still wanted to blurt out that i was gay but decided not to push my luck. I had taken a step forward in accepting who i was and becoming at ease with myself and my future.

Closure: part 1

It was a long time coming. I knew it had to happen the only question was when.

This was a long weekend and i got into it with a pensive mood. I was seated at a cafe staring out the window watching people go by waiting for my so-called girlfriend. To tell the truth i just like her like a sister. She had held my closet door through a lot of the closet conundrums i had gone through. Back to the present, i had just bought a beautiful necklace from enka-rasha and this cost me a packet.

So as i sit there sipping my cappuchino i can't help but feel guilty. This girl had been nothing short of perfect, yet i stringed her along knowing fully well that i couldn't give her what she wanted. I despised myself for doing that to such a lovely person.

My train of thought was derailed when my phone rang and it was her. I smiled and picked it, she was in town and was confirming which cafe i was in. It didn't take long and there she was at the door. I gestured to her to come over to where i was seated and she flashed me the smile that had drawn me to her six years ago. There was a sharp pain in my chest... To be continued.

Monday, May 18, 2009


I had a fabulous weekend...ok, ok! i will tell the truth! i had a normal weekend, save for two major ups on saturday... Yeeih!
Anyway, back to the matter at hand: i was perusing through the daily nation...Oh! if you don't read you may not have been aware.
Dr. Chris Hart's article 'A different life is in the genes'. It had quite a scientific twist to it. The gist of the article was that contrary to what most homophobics argue, the queer gene is actually existent! I don't really know why but i was elated to see that east africa's biggest media house would let an article defending homosexuality see the light of day. Double yeeih!! But then following the story i realised that our kenyan culture was negating it's goal to anihilate gays! The article argued that the more gay/Bisexuals copulated with women, the more gay people sprout. Could we be increasing due to our predecessors efforts to look 'normal' (note the marks!) to the rest of the uneducated community?As to whether to laugh at the community for defeating themselves in an effort to defeat the gay phenomenom or not, I wonder...hmmm...

Friday, May 15, 2009

Crawl before walking let alone running.

As i write i remember am having loads of ideas but they arent fully formed.

I as a the gay youth i am have a quarrel to pick with our so-called gay activists. We all (the gay community, if it does exist!) keep complainin that we are not being allowed integration into the fabric of the african society.

I have sat back and thought long and hard about this. I am clearly stating that these are my views and you are allowed your own.

It is common knowledge that when you want to culture a practice into an individual you do it at the youngest age possible. No matter how much money gets poured into our activists's kitty, no matter how we bloggers shout at the rooftops, no matter how abrasive our advocaters become, this is a war we will surely lose and if by some miracle victory is attained, it will surely be a pyrrhic victory.

Walk with me on this one: i am not oblivious to the fact that some paranoid people have been alleging that there is a gay agenda which to date i have no evidence of. As one can decipher from my blog, am almost twenty. I am against legalisation of homosexuality in kenya but not for the normal clandestine reason that people prefer illegal encounters as they are more thrilling. Mine is a different path all together. I assume that 18 years by law is old enough to make a mature decision. If at all the so called GALCK (of which i have no knowledge of save from heresay, never mind the fact am gay!) had the time to sit down and monitor their progress (if any!) they would notice it was minute. That is because by the time i was 15 i knew i was 'different'. By the time i was 18 i almost had a feeling of self loathing. At 18 some sort of method should be in place to show them that it is not a perversion but rather a part of them. The main aim here is to give us self confidence on who we are inside and not our sexuality to define our future. I am saying this because someone did this for me and though he may not know it, what the guy did for me, to me was nothing short of a miracle and am not exaggerating! (Hats off to him n God bless him) it got me thinking what if every other person like me was so lucky? wouldnt it make us proud to be who we are? Most of us never get out to our family and friends because we are not happy with ourselves. Before we set our sights on legalisation, we first need to build a base in the form of youth who are proud of who they are. The western countries we see legalise it had to go through this first. When the youth are proud of themselves, they will be able to come out to their family and friends this will have a remarkable butterfly effect on stemming this monstrosity we call homophobia. So the next time we want homosexuality legalised, let us remember we need to learn that we can't start running without learning to walk let alone learning to crawl! Do have a lovely weekend as we mark May 17th, wontcha?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Look out!!

The setting: home
The characters: me n mom
The bone of contention: the usual.

As usual my life till now has no major social inclination. So as usual am wid mom since she prefers me to drive her.

We go back home as usual mom has no particular thing on her mind. I go into my room and take off my jeans trouser and begin to fold it when there is a sudden knock on the door.

I hurriedly put on shorts and say "come in". My mother comes in with a worried look on her face. I ask her what is wrong and she tells me to sit down. By now am naturally in partial shock. I sit down.

She starts by askin me if there is anything i wanna tell her. Right then i knew she had connected the long internet hours, lack of in my rarely mentioned but existent girl friend. My blood was racing into all the wrong places. The room seemed to take on a life-form of its own. My eyes welled up and my mother knew my usual resilient self couldnt take another blow. She silently stood up and told me to tell her whenever i felt i was 'ready'. I knew that she wasnt really sure as to whether or not i was what she thought because trust me when my mother is sure she will move in with the ferocity of a tiger.

I may have bought myself time but am not sure for how long though. I am thinking of running for the hills but where to? Am runnin out of lives but what to do? I may have to take matters into my hands...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My oh my!

I was just bored out of my skull and ended up reading the newspaper. What i saw was quiet unsettling. While it is true i knew male prostitutes existed, imagine one of the gay ones had the nerve to disrupt a whole club in town to claim unserviced debts to a usual male customer of his.

After kicking up a storm and finding the 'client' was not in a stable financial position, he made off with his cellie.

I posted this for one reason or blind glee. One may interpret it in many a way. But as usual i chose the most optimistic one: look at it this way, the patrons of the club got to know they were gay and didnt spark off some homophobic reaction. This was very encouraging for me coz they treated it with the dignity it deserved. They left them to their domestic issues. To cut the crap it showed that though long overdue homophobia is coming to an end in one of the most cosmopolitan cities. If only my parents would follow suit. Oh how i wish. Dreams... Dreams...

Saturday, May 2, 2009


I know what you are thinking: what am I doing at 4 in the morning awake and trembling like a leaf? I had a dream that has recurred severally.
In my dream I get acquainted through some miraculous way to some people of my orientation. All goes well and is well under wraps but I forget the saying that it's not over till the fat lady sings. In the motions of that life I find a good friend and as most Hollywood crap would have you believe we fall in love and live happily ever after(yeah right!) Instead while we are at some place not clearly defined one thing leads to another and we start getting all mushy inside and start cuddling then all hell breaks loose!
My parents (out of god knows where!) decide to show up unannounced we scamper to our feet and as is expected I push him away having that offended look (the:who are you and what are you doing with me one, yes, that one!!) My mother stares in shock then to disbelief then downright contemptuous anger. I then wish the earth could swallow me my 'friend' and I start offering all kinds of moronic excuses: I don't know what got over me and all that sh*t!
Out of nowhere my father comes into the scene with a good ol' shotgun and believe me he is more than trigger friendly even more than our good ol' boys in blue would ever be. We run out and to our shock all the people I struggled to keep the secret from are there! I am swearing and running and crying all at the same time with the shotgun firing loudly behind us. In a fraction of a second my dear friend jumps in front of me and takes on for me and he falls motionless to the ground. all else around me goes silent as I kneel not knowing whether to feel responsible for the death or to be shocked my own father was going to shoot me in cold-blood!!!!!!!!!!
As I stare through tear-clouded eyes at my dying companion helpless with no one to come to my aid I start screaming and wake up to find myself in bed sweating and making a small noise (cliche I know). As I lay awake there on my bed the sadness and the brutal reality of that dream becomes a tangible fear almost choking. I wish I would die but then again I tell myself we've been through this and I can't change what I am. I walk to the computer knowing that is a war I may not be so lucky to win but I let it rest to the very last inevitable moment.
I dunno why I am writing this here but I guess it is a feeling of security knowing I can write what I feel without fear of victimization for I know there are others out here and yonder like myself with a caring heart. I love you all and take care out there... for you never know the time nor the place thou shalt be stricken by my idiotic, narrow-minded, barbaric, myopic and tunnel visioned homophobes !#@$^$*!!!! Forgive my abuses but it was just in the spirit of letting it all out.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just in the nick of time.

A bloody incessant headache has been getting the better part of me for three weeks now.
after much pushing and shoving i found myself in hospital haemorraging money just for being seen. Finally i get to the doctor and i lay it flat for him: my parents want me here so get it over with already!
Well as it turns out i have what they gave some fancy medical term but cutting thru the crap all he meant to say was i am stressed hence the headache.
He starts small-talking me and sympathetic(yeah right!) me throws him some rope to compliment his efforts. Then the tears stung and i knew it was tyme to stop the words almost came rushing out of my mouth and i had to literally hold my mouth lest i give myself away. Come to think about it i wanted to confide in someone this secret tearing me up inside but i became the wiser and decided to wait for the right time...and person. Yes a time would come when to. All the while i told the doctor i was choking up with tears because i wanted to wretch. I went back home a wreck in tears thank God my parents had the decency to tint the car though i almost ran over someone and if by some wierd reason you read this sorry once again.

Solitude,laments, lovelorn. Desperate

Am.....well, to put it mildly, stressed beyond belief! Aaaargh! for how long will i have 2 bear this facade? am a dying man. Being young and gay is a timebomb. I have tried supression, denial n all hav comd to naught! i just cant imagine telling anyone am gay! my life is a lonely shell as every moment going by means am getting weaker am forced to have a girlfriend that i dnt want dnt need n dnt know what to do with 1 coz i wont perform and that may unleash a beast am not yet ready to deal with.
I truly do envy the gay frats working and livin their lives. Unfortunately for me, am trapped with no friends as the 'friends' (note the marks!) cant and will neva understand me and my predisposition. Am torn into shreds. Looking at me from the outside you may neva know the torment i face. For all you know you may have seen me on the street and thot i was smiling coz i was happy but it aint so for me. I still continue in this lyfe hoping, praying, waiting for a friend not necessarily a lover but perhaps a friend to walk with me through this dreary path that is seldom trodden. I look yonder and wish upon a star for that person(s) that will hold my hand in a storm and whisper to my ear it will be okay. Oh i await with bated breath! oh how i wish.
Meanwhile, till then i must bear the cross that is nt of thine own desire but that of a far much greater cause. Surely, am not alone in this? is there no sympathy for them that are not guilty. Is there no respite! save me from depression! is there no saviour for my suffering?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Religion, banishment

It is sunday and as usual am dragged off to church. All through the sermon am asking do gays go to church or are we a banished race?

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Well well well! lookie here. Wtf? anotha queer kenyan blogger! just when you were rationalising your conscience and thinking the queerfolk generation were dying out... Look again coz oops! You missed a spot! I know it pains but just you wait and see as i grow into the biggest pain ever witnessed in the muddled mess that is the fabric of the kenyan society.
Enough with the empty threats already. It is time 2 let the gay youth of kenya have a voice! Dah!
Oh! before i forget, don't hate am too young for that. Oh, yeah and another thing am new but i guess you figured it out already(if u are smart that is)