Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I think the effect of my greek holiday has worn off! I am getting agitated by the smallest things. I think if i had a shrink at present i would be a disappointment.

I know am becoming retrogressive, i thought i was over moping! On friday night we had an outing with my friends and i was loathe not to notice my glaring solitude. They were in pairs but urs truly was flying solo and tusker malt took me through the night though begrudgingly!

I am not going to blame my being gay and use it as an excuse to be a drunkard. I have had the luck of seeing what alcohol can do to people and it aint pretty!!

I am not really moonstruck as many would love to think. My best friend actually left for further studies and it doesnt help my other good friend happens to be a bit busy and am not gonna cry over it, but i think my emotions are getting bottled up to toxic levels! Aaargh! i am thinking of screaming real loud then i remember that my problems aint common place. I am at a point where am angry at everyone. I think am tired of playing charades. My resilience is becoming putrescible to put it mildly. I guess rock bottom is nearing at an alarming velocity.