Thursday, June 4, 2009


I had it all planned out, I was to wait for a couple of years before committing myself to a relationship. Oh yes the plans were down to time details but little did I know that the best laid plans are for rats!

I usually think myself a person full of self-control (yeah right!) and focus. I had just gotten over moping my recent episode of closure and it was a Friday so I thought to myself: what the heck! am too young to be mopey! I finally tell someone who contacted me from some weird site (whom I had no intention of even conversing with let alone see!) to meet up with me at some joint in town.

As I drink my tusker malt (hurray for being over eighteen) actually four malts later the guy shows up and I think to myself: this should be fast! But boy was I in for a shocker! Ok! I love dreadlocks on someone since i won't ever I mean ever get them so long as am the son of my mum! Meanwhile I was watching him from the entrance,my phone rings and I gesture from the bar and he comes over all the while I keep running the following day's troubles that would besiege me. He sits on the stool next to mine but luckily am not hyperventilating since the alcohol was starting to clog my responses (i consider myself a light drinker).

When the guy started talking all my head kept hearing was the peal of wedding bells, then I thought to myself what the fcuk am I thinking about. All this time I kept on nodding to what he was saying without listening!He was saying something about how he had had a boring day at work. I started the ball rolling and told him about my drab life and my steely resolve to stay single and then I zoned out on him and all I could think was how much time I would take to reach the nearest exit.

After what seemed like eternity I don't really know what changed but I broke into a pathetic blubbering fool. We shifted topics to the kenyan deplorable gay scene and we got to talking of failed relationships in both our pasts. As we talked, a warm sensation stirred within me I never deemed it possible that I would have such mushy feelings.

We left the place at two in the morning and went to his place since our home was too far and I reaked of alcohol. We got to his place and I poured out my sordid life story to this stranger whom I thought must think me mad! He then told me his life story which wasn't so rosy as one would assume.

I don't really know what bit the other but I ended up weeping (I am sensitive like that). When he reached across and held my hand in his soft hands I lost all sense of reason, there was a long lip lock of which I know not who initiated. It was awkward after that but I didn't really care anymore and before your dirty little minds think it no further exploration transpired! We talked a bit more and we slept together cuddled and nothing more.

Morning came then disaster struck!