Tuesday, May 22, 2012

3 Months and Counting...


Am back to this again after writer's block and drinking from the Kool-Aid for so long.

I've missed this place *sniff* *sniff*.
Will be updating soon as I settle down long enough. Till then here's a treat for all your thoughts

It's been playing in my head all week. Hope you enjoy it.


Friday, February 17, 2012


I was approached by Elliot London who is an out film producer for LGBT movie themes. They are fundraising for their new film titled: FRIEND. In part the email reads:
The objective with this project is to raise money for our feature film FRIEND. A film about coming out in 2012. A time now when things are so different with social networking. A time now that a child might not have the correct tools to coupe with humiliation in an instant world. 
FRIEND is about giving back. Its a movie about accepting and loving oneself but most of all it is about educating. With the proceeds from this film I am going to be donating the profits to groups that help educate at risk youth... If we can raise $10,000 to make our last film with social networking. Than $250,000 can be done. Please take a look at the campaign we have started. Please share this film... 
Thank You 
Elliot London
Anyone who can donate to this great cause should do so for equality's sake and to further bridge the gap on understanding what equality should mean and to put a stop to bullying of people percieved to be "different" from ourselves.

Sound Track to THE WEDDING DANCE is available for .99 on iTunes and we are putting all the funds from the iTunes sales towards the feature film.

Thanks in advance.


Sunday, February 12, 2012

R.I.P Whitney Houston

Today we mourn the passing of a Legend and an icon of the past 30 years whose distinct melodious voice conveyed emotions that no words could adequately describe. It sucks but we pray she rests in eternal peace.
We'll miss you Whitney. XOXOXO

A dedication from the queen herself:

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Shuga 2

Wow, this is embarrassing, am talking about coming from the blue like this after so long, I missed blogosphere...I digress. The main aim of this post is to make those of you who weren't to be aware of the premiering of Shuga 2 on February 14th, you guessed right, valentine's day!

The main aim of my post and excitement is the inclusion of a gay character of which I wonder about the possibility of it airing on our local TV stations since we're not out of the dark ages yet.

Anyway for those interested the video's to the right of this post and hope it tantalizes your taste-buds for more...TTYL


Tuesday, August 9, 2011


It's been a while with a lot happening in the "while" will update in a while, sorry, I meant soon.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Just thought I would drop in, rant and rave and get on with my exams that have kept me too busy to post some of the hilarious and sometimes dangerous things that have transpired since the last time wrote here (a story for a later time)

The purpose of my rant  is the new nomination to the post of Chief justice, a Mr. Willy Mutunga, who so nonchalantly echoed his sentiments to the interview panel concerning his ear accessory that has kicked up quite a storm over the recent weekend. He told the commission that if it came down to choosing between the post of C.J. and ridding himself of his earrings, he would rather they keep the job to themselves.  This turns out to be the source of the controversy that is raging.

Our ever dark age remnant church clergy have taken to the warpath once again and it is becoming harder and harder each day to tell if they are attention whores of some sort. I would like at this juncture to point out that as a catholic; I am part of the so-called church they seem to represent. The church clergy (read goblins) today went on hope FM a local Christian station and stated that Mr. Willy Mutunga was in actuality a gay person which you should note is different from him supporting equal rights for them. To further aggravate the matter, they out-rightly declared that wearing an earring on one ear was an accepted show of one’s homosexuality. This translates to anyone wearing a single earring being in danger of the cavalry.

Beyond all this, the fact is that after I read up on his track record I would think he is the best among his peers to handle the radical shift in the judiciary that we all yearn for. All factors considered, this is the best candidate for the job at this time.
P.S. I don’t think one’s sexuality is a hindrance to clear and impartial reasoning. Am just saying...