Saturday, September 25, 2010


Well... After this post, to say we painted the town pink would be a gross understatement. Plus of course to celebrate GNM's sixth we took no prisoners and boy must I say Kenyan guys (gay, just so we're on the same page) can rock a party like no one's bizness.

Leaving home at five and rocking up at some random party in Westlands with a new found posse was the bestest idea ever like in God knows how long! As usual firewater was free and flowing to the contentment of all. Then came the dancing and boy o boy did the boys get their groove on! Damn! I wish that would be relived (I doubt it will). since I was tired of being a goody-two shoes I just let loose n I must admit it was the touchstone of this year. I really enjoyed myself and just to get things clear; I am an advocate for safe sex !

After rocking the party time to leave came and we set off but just as rowdy as possible. Am talking howling passengers and drinks all over the car upholstery (daddy ain't gonna be amused!) so were speeding in the wee hours of the morning through Mandera road and just as we take a turn on Othaya road I see this amorphous big blue mammoth of a truck barreling towards the corner without any lights on it save for the reflectors on the truck that the car we were driving illuminated and as silly me navigates the corner, the truck simply tore of the whole half back right side of the sedan. The noise made was super sonic so much so that i never heard the airbags deploy so obviously am hit smack on the face and that momentary impact almost literally took my breath away. These were all blurred as i came to realize i wasn't alone in the vehicle. I saw jack who was seated on the right side of the car on the left side and in a manner that betrayed his utter state of shock.

By this time intoxication was not in the equation, Steven on the other hand who was in the passenger seat had passed out. As i tried to push the driver's door open with a gargantuan migraine throbbing in my head I saw the figure of a man running toward the nearby hedge, totally disregarding him I moved toward the left side to let Steven and Jack out all I recollect up till now is seeing a bright white flash of light and then nothing.

Waking up in Nairobi Hospital with a bandaged lip and a neck brace with the family staring at this soon to be dead lad made me wish the flash had gone on to become the famous white light that welcomes the departed. What ensued were police statements after discharge and accusations and counter accusations and promises of a follow up though the fact that my neck stung like a matha***** was not of any importance. Luckily Jack and Steven were both better off than I and weren't harmed thanks to airbags and God.  Now that the day is over am really seeing the lack of thought and disregard for life of myself and my friends. To Jack and Steven: My sincerest apologies to u and family.

As u would guess the pictures of the car wreck confirmed my fears of the car being written-off with the rear axle completely torn apart. Dad's still acting nice but i know it is the lull before the storm that belies the terror and unspoken suffering to ensue, to which I welcome with open arms since I am stupid for driving under influence. So here I come public transport with a cold heart. (hope we have a long friendship).

Am still sorry...

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Not to preempt myself but it's gonna be Friday in a few hours. And when it's Friday you know we gotta party n paint the town pink. So in the spirit of our trail of destruction, here's to all u hotties  !!here is Taio Cruz 4 ya!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

pick ups

Well, am not one to be picky but we are quite a funny lot. I was recently aimlessly going through the web and stumbled upon a site where it would be safe to say a lot of Kenyan gay men like to interact through. That was not what caught my eye.

As i roved further down the message boards I got a funny title of where guys pick up other guys and I being the curious one peeped in to see what guys had noted down. Apart from the normal places and pubs guys pick each other up the city council toilets and Uhuru park popped up quite a lot. This was what had me baffled: How on God's green earth do u pick up a guy in a council restroom of which I have seen some (read most) to be quite unsightly what with the wanting levels of hygiene. Some even alleged to have gone at it in the toilet stalls to which I felt a hint of disgust. like seriously, a toilet stall!!!! come on!!!! Anyway this was the least of my surprise. The Uhuru park cruisers caught me by surprise too and more so for the mere fact that they pick each other up and go at it like rabbits in the bushes. Mind you this is someone you just met a few minutes ago. Hot-blooded or not that is downright cheap and reckless, aside from indecent exposure and risk of contracting STD's. Dudes get serious!! This is a recreational park for all people to relax not an opportunity to sneak a peek at a blue movie!! Euch!!

I won't play self-righteous or nothing here but I sorta find those places a bit of a stretch. What happened to class???

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

sharing rotten fruits

   I was previously in church this Sunday. As is predictable am not an ardent church-goer ever since ou pastor got it into his head that the bible has damned all sort of 'defiant' people gays and all included...I digress. Anyway, our pastor is sort of old-fashioned (not in a good way) to a fault. They had attended a seminar in Italy (church sponsored of course) and he had just come back a few days earlier.

And so my despair set in, he came back with a put-on Italian accent that tended to wear off when he spoke more than two words. So he was describing for us his trip to the olive country. He proceeded to narrate how he was assigned two roommates of whom one was gay and the other was a goth and they had all gone there for a spiritual retreat.

As you can guess, this did not go down well with lil' mister old-fashioned. He unashamedly narrated how he had to go complain to the seminary administration for mixing him with the wretched of the earth and for exposing him to 'communicable sin' (whatever that meant). As fate would have it, the administration simply rebuffed his attempts at being prejudiced against his roommates. He was instead told that if he felt too offended he could himself leave the seminary to which he obviously declined. So as a coping strategy, he preferred to get into the room at odd hours when all others had long been asleep. For the simple fact that the goth might attempt to suck his blood and the gay man might jump him and force him to do the monkey dance. At this point some people in the congregation seemed to find this funny for some reason unknown to the preacher. He went on to condemn his roommates to eternal fire and brimstone and the works. He ranted on and on as I wondered when the 'sharing' would end. He was basically fueling hate against LGBT, GOTHS and the western governments for allowing such 'devils' (his own words) to send us all to eternal damnation.

When the sermon was over a sort of discussion started at one of the church's exit (mind you this was a youth service). And interestingly enough, it was on social acceptance and I got drawn into it. The argument was on the premise of the preacher's experience with some saying that it was time for people to stop sticking their heads in the sand and wake up to the reality that there are such people among us and that they are no less human and I couldn't help but echo these sentiments. The preacher himself finally came in and after 30 minutes of deliberations, accusations and all the pastor and his supporters gave in since they couldn't prove their facts. I couldn't help but be amused at the preacher's tired attempt to smear peoples characters based on preferences. I was happy that in a small way all the publicity wasn't wasted in jolting the society into opening their eyes to what is around us all, and it won't go away just coz they wish it. While at the same time we (LGBT) should give time and be patient while avoiding the 'in your face' approach we are known for. It is not too far of that we shall be acknowledged.

*DISCLAIMER: This was in Karen where luckily the congregation is largely accommodating to varied ideologies. The same place where two boys kissed at the bus stop without stone-pelting and mob justice taking place. This may not always end so amicably in all places.