Monday, October 5, 2009

Am i crazy?

Hey y'all. I missed you not that i was away but due to matters (read issues) that have hampered my energy flow or lack there off.

I have been looking for proof of any trace of intelligence in my age group. A friend said sharing sexuality does not equal friendship and i realised that in rather unorthodox way. By the by what happens to java with all their problems, but i digress. As i was blubbering on, i am yet to find a trace of sensibility in my age bracket.

I did indicate i would find myself a social life (fat chance!). I went about this and trust me i am willing to hermitise (am not sure the word exists) myself.

Scenario I: we go to some place where those voltures hang out. After one hour guess what i see? I see a group coming and something is off about them, it takes me a second to figure it out.

They are an eyesore! from the outrageously low cut denims to the dangling earrings to the downright hideous shirts, whoever said gays had a knack for fashion hadnt been to nairobi. Eurgh!

Scenario II: a conversation ensues and the garbage spewing out of their oral cavities is gut wrenching! from meaningless gossip of who screwed whose father to things that traumatise me just thinking about!

I just have a question to which i need a response soon enough before ground bottom nears further. Are there any intelligent gay people below 30 and before you think it, the answer is no, i am not looking for a relationship. Not now with the dumb-asses am seeing around. No-siree-no!