Monday, October 5, 2009

Am i crazy?

Hey y'all. I missed you not that i was away but due to matters (read issues) that have hampered my energy flow or lack there off.

I have been looking for proof of any trace of intelligence in my age group. A friend said sharing sexuality does not equal friendship and i realised that in rather unorthodox way. By the by what happens to java with all their problems, but i digress. As i was blubbering on, i am yet to find a trace of sensibility in my age bracket.

I did indicate i would find myself a social life (fat chance!). I went about this and trust me i am willing to hermitise (am not sure the word exists) myself.

Scenario I: we go to some place where those voltures hang out. After one hour guess what i see? I see a group coming and something is off about them, it takes me a second to figure it out.

They are an eyesore! from the outrageously low cut denims to the dangling earrings to the downright hideous shirts, whoever said gays had a knack for fashion hadnt been to nairobi. Eurgh!

Scenario II: a conversation ensues and the garbage spewing out of their oral cavities is gut wrenching! from meaningless gossip of who screwed whose father to things that traumatise me just thinking about!

I just have a question to which i need a response soon enough before ground bottom nears further. Are there any intelligent gay people below 30 and before you think it, the answer is no, i am not looking for a relationship. Not now with the dumb-asses am seeing around. No-siree-no!


  1. You know my opinion. You don't have to hang out with gay people just because they are gay.

    You have hardly met gay be patient. I know far too many intelligent gay people below 30. Conversely I also know myriad of those you talk about..oh I steer away. Been too long a topic with that crowd

  2. Your opinion is well in place.
    I agree i may have jumped the gun a little. I am goin back to the recesses not defeated but the wiser for my shocking foray into that wierd world. Patience is a virtue am to learn.

    Thanx n take care.

  3. We are gay, but we are people too. Just as there are hilariously shallow straight people, so of course many gay men are shallow too. That said, there are those, both gay and straight, whose minds are capable of more complex thinking.

    Being gay is our sexual orientation. It is not a description of our personality or character; neither does our sexual orientation (whatever it might be) define our intellectual ability. There are gay men who hold Phd's and are leaders in their respective disciplines. Conversely, there are those who day and night are content with dicussing and comparing with their mates the dick sizes of all the men they've slept with. I have come across gay people with whom I have absolutely nothing in common other than the fact that we share the same sexual orienstation. I will not hang out with such guys! And I don't see straight men hanging out with each other solely because they're all straight. The reality is that you will not like every gay person you meet, in fact, far from it. But you must keep an open mind.

  4. Hey anen:
    Missed you! I get what you are putting across and i am getting to think i may have expected too much on their end but all the same i am with you in that i cannot stand being around them not out of prejudice but out of sharing anything else apart from our orientation. I think i will try and avoid them, at least i know that won't be hard. Thanks and take care.

  5. Am on the other side of your original scenario's, over 30 looking for good guys to hang with maybe a relationship, and all I get is 20 something I love u after the first IM, be my baby after the 2nd one, deleted after the third 'dont say u love me or baby or darlin" THE PITFALL of resignation and cynicism is you loose out in the end, I found a great gang of professional gay guys, bi guys who we hang out with, we bitch, we talk politics, life, problems, support each other... and have fun as men, who just happen to love men, being gay its an after thought...

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  7. @sid: i am happy for your success in finding people to whom being gay comes as an afterthought. i am totally feeling your description of the twenty smthngs out there. take care. @swv. i aint renting ad spaces see magnate ventures for that. i bet you are the kind of dumb-asses i addressed. oh! sorry for that, but then again, naaah!