Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Last week happened to be my birthday, though I got presents, I got the rude shock of having my phone stolen(on the same day as my birthday!!!!WTF!!!!!!) On to more less/more(whichever one prefers) The Pulse in the Friday Standard newspaper's pathetic attempt at an expose on the gay scene. I honestly did not get the whole point of the piece I found it rather lacking in meaning not even considering that the press is supposed to be neutral!!

The funnier thing is that through a friend of mine we actually know them by name and the funny/shocking/good (again subject to preference) they weren't in the least bit jolted by the photos of them. In my last post, I talked about how I spent the last few weeks around them though I was not the least bit impressed by the article I can't really say the harm or goodwill intended therein was properly conveyed. Though most of us saw it coming and had all the details of the expository article before-hand. Maybe am just insane.


  1. Hey!
    You celebrate ya birthday this month too, seems we are quite a number Cupatea, you, me wonder who else. Hope you had a great birthday

  2. come to think about it, quite a coincidence! wish u a happy belated/pre birthday. mine was great up until someone decided on my behalf that i didn't need my fone. thanx.

  3. And there I was calling you over and over and leaving messages. But I managed to catch you eventually.

    So, when you told me you wee hanging with 'strange' people..you meant that bunch? Sorry for you man.

  4. @ GNM: i understand. oh and by the way i hope now you understand what i meant by i was under duress! Am telling you they just stupefied me! Thanx and take care.