Sunday, October 25, 2009


It was a hell of week last week that it was!!! I tell you the fame made me gleeful with blatant disregard for the repercussions. From the Daily nations somewhat lukewarm attitude towards gay unions to the standard groups outright homophobic approach to the matter. Although I will cut the standard group some slack, it has been a dry spell what with a dwindling command of the market and downright failure to capture the target group. Don't mistake my sympathy as a condonement to their heinous actions. I mean, how do you hound down an old couple and ostracize them from the community they have lived with practically all their life. That was a low blow.

Most forums have been a buzz with the latest 'NATIONAL TRAGEDY' that is what some nitwit coined it regardless of all the actual tragedies besieging our country. On Friday the Standard's John Kariuki tried to explain the existence of homosexuality in the workplace. In a subtle but somewhat weak-hearted attempt he seemed to be telling people to get with the program and move on but I am taking a stance that we shouldn't move on as per se but we need to talk about this 'UNNATURAL UNAFRICAN AGAINST CHRISTIANITY' and all the other UN-prefixed words they have used to describe this so-called western vice. Ruth Lubembe's article in the Friday NATION was one that i took to since she tried to deal a blow to the gay-bashing media frenzy that had swept the nation's attention from more relevant issues.

Caroline Mutoko almost fell short of getting herself on the wrong side of the fence, though I did appreciate her tactful attempt at slowing down the gay-bashing parade. Meanwhile Bobby Brown accused my biggest icon of being a closeted bi-sexual to which I just had to sneer a little.

Most of the forums on both side of the divide seemed to be divided on what to say on the matter at hand and as I write this the citizen headlines seem to be keen on reviving the issue. Although I will mention that Tamaku was a bit pissed off to put it mildly at all the frenzy going around. I for one did enjoy the fact that it got so much attention. It is time we got ready for the rough road ahead. Our recognition aint gonna come by grace but by sacrifice from all quarters. I think we should be happy to shove the matter into the limelight otherwise we might as well keel over and pretend we are dead. We need to address the elephant in the room and if the only way to do that is to get negative publicity then let's look at it this way negative publicity is publicity all the same, we need to learn how to work it in our favor. Love you all and good week ahead. Mwah!!


  1. Hi darling,

    I'm loving the attention, I just have a queer way of showing my appreciation :-)

  2. tammie: hey dear. am laving your word play. the attention is our only way to emancipation. the time is coming...
    Take care and have a lovely week

  3. I asked for visibility a couple of weeks ago...and how did it come?

  4. @GNM

    in a somewhat unflattering way. but all the same a step in the right way all the same, right?

    gud week ahead and take care.

  5. You know those forums are not for the faint- hearted. But sometimes they are really funny, you just can't help it.
    Then those homo ignorant know it all articles on the newspapers, half the time am rolling my eyes, I think am going to have a side eye that's permanent.
    Then those homosexuals analysts that say it is a disorder, "dunder shrinks" where did they get their fake ass degrees, Stupidstskhstan?

    But at least we are talking gay marriage. I'm thinking of going shopping for an engagement ring, my first of the seven.

  6. stupidk... lol!! Ooh, the first of seven i oughta come with you!! the spotlight is long overdue and we need to work it to our advantage before it fades. take care.

  7. When the news hit hard on kenyans that two kenyans, the reaction was sharp and highly dramatic....but now the situation seems to be cooling down...people have come to realise human beings are not angels and that gay issue is real reality and cant be brushed away...I am told there are many guys who are coming out of the closet coz of how kenyans reacted to this gay wedding....Well congrats to them..the've fianlly broken that thick ceiling glass

  8. @man love:

    i hope the matter doesnt die down too fast. i also hope they have at least made a chip if not a crack on the glass ceiling. it is a good step forward. thanx and take care.

  9. Mama, nimerudi! Hmmm, naona bado unausa tuu! How are you darling? *Kiss* *Kiss*

    About the medi frenzy, I think that (later) it became clear who was and who wasn't on our side. I tended to think that Daily Nation & Nation TV were open and welcoming as compared to The Standard & KTN. Citizen TV was also quite good in its reporting. At least we now know who to ask GOD to shower fire and brimstone on. Chuckles.

    Good to see you are still there. Mwah.

    Pater Nostra is back. In real.

  10. Well, well, well! look who's back! welcome. It ought to get steamy! glad to have you back!