Sunday, September 26, 2010


Boy am I lucky am not under 18!

Since my little incident of which am greatly and immensely sorry about to all involved, am not grounded since 19 year olds don't get grounded but the heat is on and I pleaded on both knees to be allowed to stay with access to all amenities except any car which of course was out of the question all together. After being granted my wishes albeit with strings attached, the neck brace didn't aide my attempt to get back on my feet at all.

Anyway the folks are off to church though mummy's still in shock and am having a lot of time on my hands. This comes in handy to help me catch up on my internet time and am gonna blog about anything from trees to four-leaf clovers till me-time is over.

Though the time on my hands isn't a lot of help since I can't help but think of all the other ways things would've gone awry.