Saturday, September 25, 2010


Well... After this post, to say we painted the town pink would be a gross understatement. Plus of course to celebrate GNM's sixth we took no prisoners and boy must I say Kenyan guys (gay, just so we're on the same page) can rock a party like no one's bizness.

Leaving home at five and rocking up at some random party in Westlands with a new found posse was the bestest idea ever like in God knows how long! As usual firewater was free and flowing to the contentment of all. Then came the dancing and boy o boy did the boys get their groove on! Damn! I wish that would be relived (I doubt it will). since I was tired of being a goody-two shoes I just let loose n I must admit it was the touchstone of this year. I really enjoyed myself and just to get things clear; I am an advocate for safe sex !

After rocking the party time to leave came and we set off but just as rowdy as possible. Am talking howling passengers and drinks all over the car upholstery (daddy ain't gonna be amused!) so were speeding in the wee hours of the morning through Mandera road and just as we take a turn on Othaya road I see this amorphous big blue mammoth of a truck barreling towards the corner without any lights on it save for the reflectors on the truck that the car we were driving illuminated and as silly me navigates the corner, the truck simply tore of the whole half back right side of the sedan. The noise made was super sonic so much so that i never heard the airbags deploy so obviously am hit smack on the face and that momentary impact almost literally took my breath away. These were all blurred as i came to realize i wasn't alone in the vehicle. I saw jack who was seated on the right side of the car on the left side and in a manner that betrayed his utter state of shock.

By this time intoxication was not in the equation, Steven on the other hand who was in the passenger seat had passed out. As i tried to push the driver's door open with a gargantuan migraine throbbing in my head I saw the figure of a man running toward the nearby hedge, totally disregarding him I moved toward the left side to let Steven and Jack out all I recollect up till now is seeing a bright white flash of light and then nothing.

Waking up in Nairobi Hospital with a bandaged lip and a neck brace with the family staring at this soon to be dead lad made me wish the flash had gone on to become the famous white light that welcomes the departed. What ensued were police statements after discharge and accusations and counter accusations and promises of a follow up though the fact that my neck stung like a matha***** was not of any importance. Luckily Jack and Steven were both better off than I and weren't harmed thanks to airbags and God.  Now that the day is over am really seeing the lack of thought and disregard for life of myself and my friends. To Jack and Steven: My sincerest apologies to u and family.

As u would guess the pictures of the car wreck confirmed my fears of the car being written-off with the rear axle completely torn apart. Dad's still acting nice but i know it is the lull before the storm that belies the terror and unspoken suffering to ensue, to which I welcome with open arms since I am stupid for driving under influence. So here I come public transport with a cold heart. (hope we have a long friendship).

Am still sorry...


  1. So lucky to be alive! Sorry about the incident...

  2. yes I am! I am kissing the ground I walk on. Wasn't too banged up though, luckily.