Wednesday, September 22, 2010

pick ups

Well, am not one to be picky but we are quite a funny lot. I was recently aimlessly going through the web and stumbled upon a site where it would be safe to say a lot of Kenyan gay men like to interact through. That was not what caught my eye.

As i roved further down the message boards I got a funny title of where guys pick up other guys and I being the curious one peeped in to see what guys had noted down. Apart from the normal places and pubs guys pick each other up the city council toilets and Uhuru park popped up quite a lot. This was what had me baffled: How on God's green earth do u pick up a guy in a council restroom of which I have seen some (read most) to be quite unsightly what with the wanting levels of hygiene. Some even alleged to have gone at it in the toilet stalls to which I felt a hint of disgust. like seriously, a toilet stall!!!! come on!!!! Anyway this was the least of my surprise. The Uhuru park cruisers caught me by surprise too and more so for the mere fact that they pick each other up and go at it like rabbits in the bushes. Mind you this is someone you just met a few minutes ago. Hot-blooded or not that is downright cheap and reckless, aside from indecent exposure and risk of contracting STD's. Dudes get serious!! This is a recreational park for all people to relax not an opportunity to sneak a peek at a blue movie!! Euch!!

I won't play self-righteous or nothing here but I sorta find those places a bit of a stretch. What happened to class???

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  1. Thank you for pointing this out hehe! I thought I was the only sane guy who thought this was just off. Me I need a clean bed, soft nice smelling duvet and PRIVACY lol! And sorry about the accident. Get well soon xx