Friday, June 12, 2009


It is damn hot and as usual, anyone working is so sweating!!!

It has been a long time but the temptation is overwhelming! Ok, am talking about our three week old grounds maintenance man.

I repeat it is wrong, watching his ripped muscles glistening in his sweat! OMG! Why did he have to take off his shirt!! Damn it!


  1. I'm wondering why you would title this post 'evil', when yours is just a natural response to the sight of the amazing male physique. By the way, your reaction is not different from the way any red-blooded gay man would react given the same circumstances :)

  2. wow,someone's really hot.i don't blame you,make a move next time.kidding1

  3. I think he titled it "evil"because the man is just three weeks old in the job and already.. Naughty I agree with you pepo Mbovu hiyo... you should have waited till he was at least 22 days old in teh job.. then you could start ogling he he he...

  4. (Tongue in cheek) Lead us Lord, not into temptations, we pray.

    Clearly, somebody has not been praying enough. (-:

  5. Clearly you need maintenance, we all have! Does he look like he'll play? I'm nosey.