Monday, June 8, 2009


I am upset i never saw my knight in shining amour this weekend, damn their boss!

One may regard me to be making a mountaing out of an anthill. Anyway whichever the case, family tv a station i had once respected is going to air a program claiming homosexuality is a mindset. It does not help the guy they are in cohorts with 'claims' that he was gay then he switched back.

He then goes on to suggest that our kind are such lecherous people that we are sinking to new lows of recruiting new gays! Absurd to the least! They just fell short of claiming that there is a 'gay agenda' . I for one don't remember being 'recruited'!

Well I will stop there though i doubt I will watch the programme. For those who are interested in finding out how much propaganda they spew out you can catch the show today at 10pm on family tv.

To family media in my scanty knowledge of the bible i recall 1 John 4:7-21. Has said enough about love, yet i find it unbelievable that this show is going to encourage love amongst your viewers and the queers you are trying to paint as 'Evil'. Am dissapointed and plus the gay agenda is so last century! i would say something indecent are not worth my salt. Take a hike!!!


  1. These Evangelical dimwits need some mayhem done on them! I wish they knew how many gays are actually believers in their same creed.

    Its pathetic to try and show a former gay man. Why don't they show us a straight man who turns gay?! They are not dealing with the real issue of being gay.

    By jolly, I am looking forward to seeing that programme and I wish they have a call-in or text service. I will be on their fat, sanctimonious asses!

    Ooh, forgive me NF, sorry your knight in shining amour (or is it in a Cinderella gown) was busy, Max is the same too, You will get used to it.


  2. I hope you get through to them. Though i will be busy making sure my parents don't get a whiff of what is going on there!

    About zach, am still moaning the miss though he called thrice today. 'Cinderella gown' lol!

  3. My remote control even knows to avoid such stations. Most are just out to make money out of peoples fears. Eeish!

  4. @ Tammie:
    Tell me about it! Aargh! I see you taught your remote well. LOL!

    Thanx and take care.

  5. How was the programme? Now you know how I am when B is so far away!

  6. @ GNM: when time for the programme came I thought up innovative ways to divert attention and boy was I successful!!
    Bout B the feeling is annoying but at least I can go visit him at work should I get overcome with emotion like I did today. LOL.