Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Closure: part 1

It was a long time coming. I knew it had to happen the only question was when.

This was a long weekend and i got into it with a pensive mood. I was seated at a cafe staring out the window watching people go by waiting for my so-called girlfriend. To tell the truth i just like her like a sister. She had held my closet door through a lot of the closet conundrums i had gone through. Back to the present, i had just bought a beautiful necklace from enka-rasha and this cost me a packet.

So as i sit there sipping my cappuchino i can't help but feel guilty. This girl had been nothing short of perfect, yet i stringed her along knowing fully well that i couldn't give her what she wanted. I despised myself for doing that to such a lovely person.

My train of thought was derailed when my phone rang and it was her. I smiled and picked it, she was in town and was confirming which cafe i was in. It didn't take long and there she was at the door. I gestured to her to come over to where i was seated and she flashed me the smile that had drawn me to her six years ago. There was a sharp pain in my chest... To be continued.


  1. Been in a similar situation countless times. Waiting for part two...

  2. Hey screamer! welcome to my blog. The experience wasn't pleasant.Will do that in due time. Stay tuned! thanx.

  3. straightarrow2009May 27, 2009 at 12:32 AM

    Sorry about having to do that. had to do that with the woman i fell in love with... it is never easy but its better than trying so hard to be in a relationship with her, not able to give her what she deserves, and her blaming herself for it...

  4. Hey straightarrow,
    Welcome to my blog. Yeah, it sorta eats away on someone and i couldnt bear to see her suffer for my inability to come to terms with the truth.