Monday, May 18, 2009


I had a fabulous weekend...ok, ok! i will tell the truth! i had a normal weekend, save for two major ups on saturday... Yeeih!
Anyway, back to the matter at hand: i was perusing through the daily nation...Oh! if you don't read you may not have been aware.
Dr. Chris Hart's article 'A different life is in the genes'. It had quite a scientific twist to it. The gist of the article was that contrary to what most homophobics argue, the queer gene is actually existent! I don't really know why but i was elated to see that east africa's biggest media house would let an article defending homosexuality see the light of day. Double yeeih!! But then following the story i realised that our kenyan culture was negating it's goal to anihilate gays! The article argued that the more gay/Bisexuals copulated with women, the more gay people sprout. Could we be increasing due to our predecessors efforts to look 'normal' (note the marks!) to the rest of the uneducated community?As to whether to laugh at the community for defeating themselves in an effort to defeat the gay phenomenom or not, I wonder...hmmm...


  1. Seems the kenyan media is turning out to be a quite a liberal bunch

  2. Well, one could take the risk of such an oversight or maybe the editor slacked off his job! But being ever optimistic i will say the same...hmmm gives rise to many a question though.

  3. A great post, I'll link to my blog on the subject soon. Hope it's ok. Love ya!

  4. Hey,

    Unfortunately, I never read the article by my favorite psychologist, Chris Hart (he has this sexy accent, I tell you - too bad he is straight - what a waste!).

    Anyhoo, back to the article, I read the response and man, the Nation did this one article from anaa dum ass giving a contrary opinion. It didn´t surprise me that he still reverted to the Bible as his last defense!

    Poor guy!

  5. @ Tammie:
    It is ok with me. Love you too!

    @ Pater:
    You feeling his voice too? i thot i was alone. I will start digging to see if he swings both ways, au? LOL!! I sorta think he had a valid point if only people paid attention!