Thursday, May 28, 2009


Since last saturday after 'the talk' i was gloomy and indoors. I have drank so many varieties of knorr soups i ought to get a free year's supply.

My mum was naturally worried and i told her we had broken up and this earned me mileage in my hidden identity.

She (linda) called me on tuesday and we talked for a bit before slumping back to my droopy self. After she hang-up my mind still tormented me as to why was i being so inconsiderate. The weather wasn't doing me any good since it resonated my mood. As i write this it is still cold and grey outside. I haven't left the house for quite a while now and i am thinking of going out tomorrow night but i shoot down the idea since am still not that clear minded as yet!

I am going to find myself my significant other and i am in no hurry at all. Heck! I have my whole life ahead of me! Plus i am not hiding anymore and i am not accountable to anyone apart from myself. There is peace to loving and accepting myself. What happened last Saturday served to strengthen me maybe in a way not apparent to me as yet. But all the same, no amount of gay-bashing or someone's own homophobia will make me ever resent myself, that is one mistake i won't repeat again. No, never.


  1. Time is a wonderful healer...only if we allow it to run its full course. She will survive, you will survive. That's whats most important.

    Achieving closure is a slow, deliberate process and it must be allowed to slowly build up (painful as it is)...I am sure the Knorr soups are helping in that front. (-:

    As for you getting someone, well, I can't help you with that - good looks, natural charm and great personality go a long way - Try these!

  2. 'There is peace to loving and accepting myself' - this is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. @pater:
    Yeah bout that., am going out tonite. Not to try my luck but just to get my mind off things.

    @ tammie:
    thanx. It is a feeling one cant really explain but it is a warm feeling. Lol.

  4. This will sound cliche but you will get over this too and come out stronger.

    You know I have your back.

  5. Aww. Thanx GNM. I know dat and for that i am ever more greatful. I know it will take time and pain but what can't be won must by patience be endured. Take care.