Friday, July 3, 2009

heart break

I have been in limbo for quite a while and am not entirely sure am still breathing. I have no idea what am doing at all. As I write this am not sane I have had a harrowing week. I wouldn't really know where to begin narrating so I won't bore you with the horrid details of a heart break am working hard to forget!!!!
It is official that I am not having a love-life anytime in the near future. The betrayal is something I never saw coming but i guess am the better for learning how to smell one a mile off!!
Fuck him!!!!!!
Moving swiftly to more worthwhile things, I thought that Caroline's radio show yesterday was to say the least hilarious to me. I never thought I would wake up to the self proclaimed king of porn on a morning show and more to the fact that our kenyan actors are volunteers and aren't paid. I can't wait for the king's book coming out in two weeks. I can't wait because he claims he will name some of the members of club 222 who are his ever loyal clients!!!! I hope they were listening.


  1. Heartbreaks! Heartbreaks! And again I say heartbreaks! Do not give up on love as yet! There is someone out there for you toy just have to search deeper, further and more hopefully.

    And what is this I hear about Caroline and King of porn?! Unlucky for us who don't have time to listen to radio. Keep us posted, will ya?

  2. @ pater:
    I doubt that love exists.

    Oh! about joseph (that is his name) he is the self proclaimed king of kenyan porn. He claims he has several club 222 members on his clientele list and he plans on blowing them out of the water. The fact that shocked me is that never mind the money the industry is minting, the stars are not asking for money! I don't know whether to be impressed or shocked.

  3. Dont give up on love yet!

  4. @ anon:

    And naughtie read your comment and laughed a cynical laughter! Love is a fantasy a surreality that i won't be taking part in. I believe in cold and hard tangible things and not flaky flaky disasters like love. All the same thanks for trying.

  5. finding love can be an ass sometimes