Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My oh my!

I was just bored out of my skull and ended up reading the newspaper. What i saw was quiet unsettling. While it is true i knew male prostitutes existed, imagine one of the gay ones had the nerve to disrupt a whole club in town to claim unserviced debts to a usual male customer of his.

After kicking up a storm and finding the 'client' was not in a stable financial position, he made off with his cellie.

I posted this for one reason or blind glee. One may interpret it in many a way. But as usual i chose the most optimistic one: look at it this way, the patrons of the club got to know they were gay and didnt spark off some homophobic reaction. This was very encouraging for me coz they treated it with the dignity it deserved. They left them to their domestic issues. To cut the crap it showed that though long overdue homophobia is coming to an end in one of the most cosmopolitan cities. If only my parents would follow suit. Oh how i wish. Dreams... Dreams...


  1. Do you think your parents are homophobic? I suspect not, they probably don't understand what you are going through and the turmoil inside..

    But you are right, there are places in Nairobi where no one cares if you are gay..My bf and I frequent some places where we know people know we are a couple( a barman actually asked us) and we enjoy their discomfort once in a while

  2. Lemme tell you something, i may not enjoy being lonely but it sure as hell beats being discriminated against. U n ur bf r senior people n if i pull a stunt like that they (citizens nt ma parents) will beat the crap out of me sayin am mannerless. Secondly as u can guess i usually am at home and i dunno any gay friendly places, u dont just wake up and ask anyone such a question, unless you are slow or something. Bout ma peeps being homophobic: y don we do this, you come ask them then we see wat happens. If i try i may or may not live to tell. The thought tickles me! LOL.,

  3. Thankfully the 'client' was not financially stable or the aggressor did not have more juice left in him to continue the drama. To pay a blackmailer is just to store up trouble for the next time. However homophobia is not as bad in all places as it once was. Maybe, just maybe we could be seeing a glimmer of hope for a new dawn. Thanks.

  4. Dear Tamaku

    I am with you on that, Things are lukin up. Maybe, just maybe I may step out...on second thought scrap that last part. Nairobi is known for fast adaptation to world trends and gay pops up next on the list of world trends.

    How I await the dreamy day Kenya will have it's version of proposition 8 discussed by the clowns ( parliament ). But that is one day regardless of how young I am I may not witness. Take care and thanx. LOL

  5. Hey naughty feelings, ninakufeel. Unaonaje tumeet? Give me your contacts and where to find you. Will give you a nice tyme. Poa?

  6. Hey,
    I think you have us wrong, My bf is probably your age or just a year older. Although I am out to my parents and friends, he is not.

    What I have taught him though(and I think you should learn too)is how to hide in the open. I have met his family but we did not tell them we are a couple..men can be friends. We don't necessarily visit gay friendly places..I have never been to Tacos and Steps and we stopped going to gypsy's. We hang out in normal pubs although a bit upmarket. We also don't flaunt our sexuality( Oh i lie..last week at Madhouse anyone concentrating on us would have known) but you get my drift... It is possible to be gay, in a relationship and still be in the closet.
    What you need to develop is a gay social network that will work as your support network.

    The best time to come out is when you are ready and I believe after uni and career.

    Email me

  7. Hey GNM,
    Believe me i checked your profile and no email add there. Y dont you email me on alcosnip@gmail.com. In the meantime i will try looking again. Thanx n take care.