Thursday, May 7, 2009

Look out!!

The setting: home
The characters: me n mom
The bone of contention: the usual.

As usual my life till now has no major social inclination. So as usual am wid mom since she prefers me to drive her.

We go back home as usual mom has no particular thing on her mind. I go into my room and take off my jeans trouser and begin to fold it when there is a sudden knock on the door.

I hurriedly put on shorts and say "come in". My mother comes in with a worried look on her face. I ask her what is wrong and she tells me to sit down. By now am naturally in partial shock. I sit down.

She starts by askin me if there is anything i wanna tell her. Right then i knew she had connected the long internet hours, lack of in my rarely mentioned but existent girl friend. My blood was racing into all the wrong places. The room seemed to take on a life-form of its own. My eyes welled up and my mother knew my usual resilient self couldnt take another blow. She silently stood up and told me to tell her whenever i felt i was 'ready'. I knew that she wasnt really sure as to whether or not i was what she thought because trust me when my mother is sure she will move in with the ferocity of a tiger.

I may have bought myself time but am not sure for how long though. I am thinking of running for the hills but where to? Am runnin out of lives but what to do? I may have to take matters into my hands...


  1. Ha...
    Indeed the room had to take a life of it own..ha

  2. She knows but she does not know what it is she knows...I haope all goes well

  3. @ anon
    the room's new life-form was to say the least horrifying! but all the same...hilarious! @GNM
    you are telling me! i have never clearly heard my heart beat so fast in surround sound effect! thanx n hope all goes well too for the life of me!