Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just in the nick of time.

A bloody incessant headache has been getting the better part of me for three weeks now.
after much pushing and shoving i found myself in hospital haemorraging money just for being seen. Finally i get to the doctor and i lay it flat for him: my parents want me here so get it over with already!
Well as it turns out i have what they gave some fancy medical term but cutting thru the crap all he meant to say was i am stressed hence the headache.
He starts small-talking me and sympathetic(yeah right!) me throws him some rope to compliment his efforts. Then the tears stung and i knew it was tyme to stop the words almost came rushing out of my mouth and i had to literally hold my mouth lest i give myself away. Come to think about it i wanted to confide in someone this secret tearing me up inside but i became the wiser and decided to wait for the right time...and person. Yes a time would come when to. All the while i told the doctor i was choking up with tears because i wanted to wretch. I went back home a wreck in tears thank God my parents had the decency to tint the car though i almost ran over someone and if by some wierd reason you read this sorry once again.

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