Thursday, August 5, 2010


I am going ahead to congratulate all Kenyans for the peaceful and orderly expression of their choice for their future. I was particularly shocked (in a good way, that is) to see all the ICT  applied by the IIEC commission to tally and coordinate their field agents and the tally center. And the officials actually knew what went on on the ground. Kudos to their dedication and giving us an easy time accessing results.

And to those nefarious NO leaders and the so-called church men, please gracefully accept that you were on the wrong side of history even though we are all winners.

After actually being awake from 5 O'clock Wednesday morning am sort of tired and I do need my beauty sleep though I couldn't do so till I gave thanks where it was due. I am anxious for the road ahead to implementation and actually living it. This is a victory for us kenyans and a great step toward addressing our minorities and the marginalized and to finally exorcise the ghost of corruption that has plagued us so. I am not gonna be awake for the next 36 hours so it's bottoms up everyone and let's get this party started!! Love ya and great weekend ahead.

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