Wednesday, July 28, 2010


For some unknown reason, I can't seem to sit still. I am sure it has something to do with the fact that Friday is once again beckoning and am sure to get it on then.

I think it is an exhilarating feeling having closed a big chapter of my life and heading to another bigger/smaller one (it depends). I am not a politics fanatic but with the referendum and all approaching, I can't help but get that feeling of anticipation of something that will be nothing short of glorious in the story of our great state of Kenya. It's almost like the feeling you get right before the climax and your'e almost definitely gonna scream and u wanna bite your tongue(strange analogy). That is what is happening to us  as a country. What with mzee MOI running around like a person on fire declaring to all and sundry his sad state of despair. Knowing we will get what he fought so hard to keep out of our grasp and this is our chance to stick it to the old geyser!

I am not peddling hate speech or anything, am all for peace and love to all but this is our moment and our time to emancipate ourselves as a citizenry. To separate ourselves from the age of darkness that had threatened shrink our country to Somali status and I don't think I have time for one that wants us to stay oppressed.

And for those opposed,  dawn is approaching and fast! Since they are like the mystical vampires that almost sucked us dry, They will shrivel and wither away as a new day rises resurrecting hope, faith, prosperity, love and tolerance in our country.


  1. Well said. I have so much to say about this but my blog philosophy forbids me to write politics unless its gay related.

    So, allow me. Moi actually lost the NO side the votes by taking their side. Who cant see his motive is to protect the same land he took from his people. He used land( allocation) as his form of reward to his sycophants.

    This constitution will pass by an overwhelming majority and it will give our community a chance to challenge the penal code that criminalizes homosexuality. It also allows us to play the discrimination card and that is good thing.

    It does not legalize gay marriages( IMHO we are not there yet as a society) but it does alot of good for us.

  2. *standing ovation from the gallery*
    I just realized that fact and it makes me giddy just considering the endless possibilities open to minorities in our country. That old fart wasn't and isn't worth mentioning.

    Like I said a new dawn is coming and we will be ready for it come what may. And to all other NO's out there be very weary for your end is nigh!

    freedom is ours to claim and by God! We will claim it come the 4th of August.