Tuesday, February 23, 2010

For the love of God. 1

For a good part of my hiatus, i went to my cultural home to brush off the toxicity of nairobism. While I was there, many events transpired, some downright funny and others just sad.

It was a lovely Thursday morning and after having a sumptous but heavy breakfast, I was basking out in the glorious kenyan sun when my 14 year old aunt came running through the gate in excitement.

I gestured her to come to where i was. My curiousity had gotten the best of me. She animatedly explained in detail the cause of her excitement. The expression on my face grew grave by the moment.

Since my mom was indoors I hurriedly grabbed the car keys and went out with my aunt. There were some youth attacking a twenty something man. After a heated debate that never terminated, we managed to confuse the crowd and disapppeared with him in the car. Another man had joined us and the victim was bleeding onto the car's upholstery and that was the least of my concern. The man was giving us directions to a place I last expected as the gravity of the matter sunk in on us all.

The smell of fresh blood filled the car. The victim was trying to say something when he passed out...


  1. Now how? Read the blog twice to make sure you really stopped there. Sydney Sheldon kando!

  2. @ malaika:

    *blush* *blush* I try, though I just love Sydney Sheldon!