Friday, February 19, 2010

Esther estranged!

I wouldnt really say I care much about what someone does to bungle up their lives, but Esther Arunga happens to have been dragged out into the glaring lenses of the media.

I found the report lacking in taste once again since it was pretty much a slander campaign or on the flipside a rather successful attempt at media coverage.

As regarding her family, I havent heard them say anything of the alleged estrangement. I personally have a soft spot for her personally (Blush, blush) . Guess the media is the medller it has always been, huh?


  1. She is getting a dose of her own medicine. Tomorrow they will fry a politician, lets see them tear each other up today.

    Leta popcons lol!!!!

  2. @ anon:
    ROR!! Am bringin the popcorns. Karma is a bitch. Drama galore. Though they should do it within reasonable bounds.

  3. Naughty,

    Where in a cow's udder's name did you go to? And you have my number! Was I that boring or pathetic on phone such that you like deleted my number? Haya!

    Esther shocked me as she did many Kenyans. Here was a promising woman, well-educated, cultured and highly successful and then she goes off to a cult?! Yawa! How the might have fallen!

    I pity her and Hellon and the rest of the people at Finger of God Church. We always thought the calibre of people to be lied to by fake pastors and doomsday prophets were poor and uneducared folks but this has debunked that.

    I really see no future for Esther or Hellon. Repairing the damage caused to their personality, work and credibility by their religious affiliation will not be easy. They could have done much but now that has been disrupted.

    Its so sad, I tell you.

  4. Hello Naughty boy,
    ok I've been watching the fake drama but that girl has kind of lost it, on K24? I was like is she for real, she is high on sthng that's not good for her but then she is a grown ass woman, isn't she? You can't be arrested for such, they need to release her, there is no complete evidence it is a cult as for now.

  5. For her own ass'es sake, I sure do hope so. The k24 interview was a shocker for me too. Oh! The tragedy...