Thursday, January 13, 2011

Topics tropicalized for us?

       I can't really be sure. But I am of the inclination that the world is conspiring for some unknown reason so far. In my past single week of being on campus, I can almost swear that there has been a very sharp increase on debate  regarding the gay community both in Kenya and globally mind you that 96% of the people I interact with so far are heterosexual. Though most of the arguments are tropicalized (made to suit our Kenyan situation). I realize that there is a gradual increase in the interest on the subject of homosexuality amongst our future leaders (am not so sure about the leaders part).

      Obviously the discussions have been more inclined towards the argument against supporting homosexuality and accepting homosexuals in our society. Though this is a chance for the trolls to spread their vitriol, I have come to see this as a disguised blessing (stay with me on this one). The thing is, as these arguments continue to be on their minds and lips, they will be forced to research their facts and maybe, just maybe they may be able to realize the fallacies that they have for most of their young adult lives idolized as truths and get to see this situation in proper context. The main thing that made me find this weird coincidence worth writing about is the fact that many are getting to stop seeing this as a religious issue and are getting to see it in the proper social context that should be their basis of argument. Though the bible argument is far from over, I hope reason prevails. Just call me optimistic or delirious but I see hope...

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